About Us

With more than 25 years of professional experience, MW Engineering specializes in Marine Structure Inspection, Engineering and Consulting. Our staff has performed inspection, design, and permitting services for hundreds of projects, including structural investigation,  marine and aquatic engineering, and code compliance services.

MW Engineering crosses traditional boundaries between structural, geotechnical, and mechanical disciplines or schools of thought, to fill niche service sector with waterfront and seawall inspection, analysis and design of repairs.

We are well qualified to perform engineering service throughout the State of Florida, for Prime Contractors, Architects, Developers, Builders, cities and counties, as well as Condominium Associations and Property Management Companies. Our licensed Professional Engineers perform the on-site visual inspections and create engineering plans to current standards. We can support you in the evaluation of bids, by screening bidder qualifications, experience, and review of bids for completeness and accuracy; reference checks; and contract award recommendation.


Mark E. Weber, Professional Engineer (State of Florida License #53895),  has personally been in responsible charge as Engineer of Record of hundreds of marine, aquatic, and foundation permit projects. Many of these projects include an on-site visual inspection in order to identify the most cost effective engineering options.

MW Engineering, Inc., is properly licensed to offer Engineering Consulting through Florida Board of Professional Engineers Certificate of Authorization #30702, pursuant to Florida Statutes. As engineers not contractors, our staff is uniquely qualified to identify the most practical and cost effective solutions to your project.